Are you ready to unlock the wisdom of your Soul ?

What makes us who we are ?

Why do we experience certain challenges and trauma within our lives?

What are our Soul Lesson we have come to learn ?

Why do we keep manifesting and attracting the same negative cycles and emotional triggers in our daily life.


Welcome to Introspect, my name is John McMechan. I am an Empath, Ascension guide and Intuitive Energy Healer. 

Each day, I utilise my knowledge and spiritual gifts to help unlock your path of spiritual growth, hidden knowledge, emotional and physical healing and self-empowerment.


We are all born from a universal source of unconditional love, expansive awareness and infinite knowledge, we just haven’t been shown or taught how to access this information that lay dormant within, just waiting to be untapped and utilized.


It is time for this to change. Once we understand that we are much more that our physical bodies, we can then lay the foundations for new consciously aware ways of learning and thriving in daily life.

This doesn’t have to be hard, drawn-out or emotionally painful and through holding a space of high vibration, deep love, compassion and wisdom you will be amazed at the internal and external shifts that can occur within a few sessions.


I use my Empathic Sensitivities and spiritual gifts combined with holistic healing modalities of Reiki, Crystal Healing, Past-life Regression, Akashic Record Information, Spiritual Guidance, Soul Ascension Therapy, Massage and Mindset Reprogramming to unlock core soul-level healing and learning within your life ?



Introspect Healing

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