At Introspect we are passionate about helping people remember WHO they really are.
Through our new wave of conscious education, you will experience profound levels of soul realignment and reclamation, self-mastery and empowerment.
Are you ready to unlock the power within?

Meet John


John McMechan is an International Quantum Energy Healer who specialises in Soul-level Energy Healing and Spiritual Alchemy.

John has an amazing ability to ground and communicate complex energetic healing into understandable and empowering pathways

vast wisdom of the multidimensional realms and through his highly attuned empathic gifts he  works closely with you to uncover and resolve the root cause of any manifestations or energetic imbalance within the mind, body spirit or lineage line. 

His passion is to help you unlock new energetic pathways, bring online your intuitive gifts, unlock your own ability self-healing and remembrance   self-love and self-empowerment realigning your full spiritual potential.

 As a highly attuned Empath John will help bring awareness and understanding to the true energetic root cause of issues affecting the mind, body or spirit, whether that is from this current life experience or within a past-life or the family lineage line.


Core Skills - Reiki  (in-person & Distance), Past-life Regression, Quantum Energy Healing, Spiritual Ascension Guide, Massage


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Meet Tami

Inner Connection Coaching

Tami Hansen brings through her coaching a deep remembering of WHO you are, what your purpose is and how your divine truth is needed in this world. She brings her experienced, embodied knowledge together to allow learning and growth that catapults you into your finest form. Tami believes in the magic that exists around us and helps us create from a place of joy and wonder. Cosmic Coaching on an intuitive level, moving from FEAR to FREEDOM.

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Key Areas We Elevate Our Clients

  • Holistic Healing and Rebalancing of Mind, Body and Spirit.
  • Healing Inner-child and Past-Life trauma.
  • Healing and Creating Conscious Relationships.
  • Reclaiming deep levels of Self-Love and Self-Empowerment. 
  • Illuminating and releasing Self-Limiting Beliefs and Programs.
  • Stepping into your Authentic Truth and Creative Expression.
  • Unlocking Your Intuitive Emotional Guidance System.
  • Soul Purpose Remembrance & Re-alignment Activation.
  • Law of Attraction Master Creator Mentorship

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