Shift from Fear to Freedom!

Are you after a Deep Inner Connection with Self?

Are you trying to step out/through/into a new you, but keep falling back into old habits?

Are you exhausted, drained and a little stuck?

Would you love to work with Self-Empowerment & NLP techniques to remember WHO you really are? To unlock your Innate Wisdom?

Are you ready to raise your Vibration?

Are you ready to embody the light activations coming through our planet now? Are you ready to feel yourself on such a level that harmony is the norm and confidence is emanating from your being?

I encourage you to book in for at least 3 sessions to get the most out of this coaching. 

I'm all about extreme ownership and responsibility for where you are and where you want to go, I will set you up with some epic tools and be your accountability queen.

I am so honoured to do this work and I can’t wait to meet you!

I work with all humans, men, and women of all ages over 18yrs old.

Thank you for choosing you! There is no greater investment than in your self-connection. I look forward to working together.

Book a FREE Discovery Call - communication is important to me. Let's have a quick chat to find out if my services are the right fit for you. 

Big Love, Tami 

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Reiki Energy Healing


Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki is an ancient form of Energy Healing.  As a hands-on healing technique, this energy is transferred through the palms to the client to encourage emotional and physical healing, it moves through the body as it is needed.

Energy imbalance is the leading cause of many health issues. If you are feeling drained, fatigue, like your mind is going to explode (we've all been there, right?!) If you're noticing an area of your body that may not be functioning at its best, certain areas are associated with the Chakras.

Head (Crown Chakra and Third Eye Chakra) Throat Chakra, Heart Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra (located at the base of ribs), Sacral Chakra (below the belly button), Root Chakra (At the base of the spine) 

Many ailments are aligned with these centers if they are blocked or not functioning correctly. Reiki helps to release and get the energy flowing through our energy centers to create energy, vitality, and overall wellbeing.

Reiki energy is very successful in rebalancing your Chakra centers, releasing any stuck emotions, imagine your centers are a flowing river, if there is a blockage (say a dam) in one, the rest will not be flowing as required. And where there is a build-up of energy (like stagnant water) our Chakras may be working negatively against us.

When you come for a Reiki session, you can lay down, relax and receive a complete energy upgrade!! We use essential oil aromatherapy and healing music to create a beautiful relaxing environment. 

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5 Days to Unlock Deeper Self-Love


5 Days to Unlocking Deeper Self-Love - Mini-Course

Are you ready to create the space in your life for YOU? Remember the innate wisdom you hold within, remember WHO you are, and how much infinite love and energy you have within. When we learn or remember essentially how to connect back into ourselves, we gain an integral self-empowered love that we cannot find outside of ourselves. Allow us to guide you through these 5 days, to unlock deeper wisdom, to remember how to listen to your soul, and to love yourself so deeply that your creation of life itself will start to unfold and change like you never knew possible! I'm so honored to have you here, to hear the voices within start to increase, to listen and acknowledge, to release the conditioning that has taught us to ignore. Welcome beautiful souls to this mini Self-Love Course. 

Upon purchase you will receive Lesson 1 and thereafter everyday you will receive the next lesson until you reach the full 5 Days - ENJOY!!

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