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Join us on this EPIC Online journey.

To Go Within is to Create the Outer Experience with Purpose.

We are all-powerful source creators here on earth for a purpose and reason. We have chosen to be here as a part of this global shift in the collective consciousness.

It takes courage to live a Soul-Led life. Are you ready to fully ground your Soul here in this incarnation, to call in your Higher Self, your Innate Wisdom and Gifts that are waiting to be Activated?

Right now, many Starseeds, Lightworkers, Healers and Soul's are awakening to a greater truth and remembrance of our Divine Inner Wisdom. Many of these amazing souls are finding challenges within relationships, family dynamics, not aligning to current jobs and careers, experiencing physical, mental and spiritual symptoms and energetic leaks that are draining and toxic.

Now is the time to take back your POWER! 

Now is the time to Align with your Innate Wisdom, Intuitive Gifts and Inner Guidance System. Connect with your Higher Self, Your Future Self, Your Ascended Masters and Your Ancestors.

Allow us to guide you to access your Soul's Library (Akashic Records) to uncover, release and empower you towards your Highest Timeline in this now moment, to increase your Manifesting abilities, to access Deep Soul Wisdom and Ancestral Wisdom that is outside conscious awareness.

This is a new paradigm of teaching. Embodying the masculine and feminine energies of John and Tami (your intuitive guides), as they work together in the astral, in a beautiful harmonious flow, their connection is one that energetically is extremely powerful and a unique combination for holding space.

Learn to embody your wisdom and live with presence, transmitting your own unique energetic blueprint through this presence, being called in, to just BE YOU!

Activate the Unique Crystalline Light Codes currently available to us now to install within our cells, to become connected to all that is, as above, so below.

Let us hold this safe and supportive space and energetically hold the frequency for you to Access Your Highest Self for the highest and greatest good for all.

We will ask you to evaluate your current life situation pre-workshop, in all areas of life. Then connecting into your future self at the end of the workshop, creating a future manifestation blueprint and pathway.

And so much MORE!!

So honoured and excited to be bringing this to you all!!

Big Love,

John and Tami 





Next Intake - Dates TBC