2 HR Soul Ascension Distance Healing (International)

2 HR Soul Ascension Distance Healing (International)

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What makes us who we are?

Why do we love some aspects of our lives but then really struggle and repeat cycles in other areas? 

Why have we experienced particular events, traumas, relationship challenges and hardships time and time again?

What if there was a way that you could understand your mind, body, spirituality, life experiences and soul lessons all in one place?

Now there is….

Welcome to Introspect's Distance Soul Ascension Therapy

Our Soul Ascension Therapy is a Quantum Energy Healing therapy built on my own personal 20+ years of Spiritual Development, Inner-healing and Personal Transformation.

I have combined my top favourite holistic practices, along with my energetic learnings and Law of Attraction knowledge to give you a full modality of healing that works on the mind, body and spirit, as they are never separate and always support and balance with each other. 

Within all of us lies the key to unlocking all of our life's questions. Through my medical empathic gifts, I work with you to unlock deeper answers to your life's questions, soul lessons and contracts and what you are here to learn and grow through on a soul level. 

What are the benefits of our Soul Ascension Therapy?

  1. We unlock a relaxing, safe and loving space for you to tap into your own intuition, inner knowledge and soul wisdom.

  2. Understand your life's challenges and Soul Lessons you are here to learn.

  3. Release Anxiety and Depression linked to emotional trauma and past life challenges

  4. Uncover the root of core energetic blocks within your mind body and spirit.

  5. Unlock core thought patterns and belief systems that are holding you back from your best life.

  6. Stop Daily Energy Drains that are depleting your vital energy 

  7. Realign with your true connection with your soul and source energy.

  8. Release and detach from past relationships, heartbreak and trauma.

  9. Experience the depths and knowing of your soul through your heart space

  10. Receive Energetic and cellular upgrades that help you jump start your Souls Ascension Path and happiness.

  11. Identify and cut Energetic Cords, Soul Attachments, Past life contracts, agreements, vows and obligations.

  12. We run through the Soul Fragment Recall process across key relationships in this lifetime and previous.