Client Testimonials

Everyone's journey on this earth is so unique here no earth and everyone's path to healing is all so different. While I share many of my successes, challenges within my sessions, it is amazing to hear what our clients say about their unique experience.


I absolutely recommend John at Introspecthealingnz! Not only does he make you feel 100% safe & comfortable within his environment.. The help he gives is such a beautiful gift, to be able to enlighten you, & help reconnect you back to your true self after holding onto to a life worth of emotions you walk out feeling lighter each time. 🙏

 Skye S 



i 100% recommend John & his work to anyone interested in learning more about themselves & their consciousness!! he created such a safe, beautiful & non-judgemental space for both my friend and i to express our vulnerabilities and speak openly. thank you for being such a warm, dedicated & understanding teacher 

 Tania G 



Hi John, Thanks for everything! I love your approach and willingness to help others so much.

I enjoyed your sessions and it defiantly helped me a lot to understand how it all works. I just have to do the work now, manifest and keep my vibration up although it has been challenging lately.

It’s good that you put me on the right path and explain to me how it all works.

I was feeling amazing after your Reiki Session. I can not wait to have more sessions with you as it is exactly what I need. Although sometimes it’s very difficult to face our shadows and deep down stuff, it’s important ! I also loved that you are using your own experiences to show how things can change.

Much Love